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Bullets are cooler than you think

Whenever you drink you get the same old ice cubes which make your drinking experience boring. To change the situation, to create a style quotient, brings to you the Ak 47 ice tray.

The Ak 47 Ice Tray is the coolest ice tray you can have for home. You can gift this to your friends and family during their housewarming. This product makes the ice look cooler and when you take them out, it feels like a real bullet of Ak 47.

This product comes in a single piece and can make 10 ice cubes. This product is not suitable for kids. This product is available under Rs.500/- . Grab the opportunity and buy this useful product. This will make your everyday drink cooler and your occasional drink the coolest.

Do you want to gift something unique to your friends at the party? This is it. Gift this product to them and make them feel special. If you are throwing a party you need the Ak 47 ice tray to add flavor to your party. You can gift this to your mom, it will add well with the kitchenware. This is a utility product for ice trays as cool as this one is hard to find.

  • Party Gifts
  • Gifts under Rs.500/-
  • Kitchenware
  • Housewarming gifts
  • Easy to store
  • Customer-friendly
  • Ice Tray
  • Unique Gifts

How to use:

  • Easy to use.
  • Pour water in the tray and place it in a deep freeze.
  • Take out the ice cubes carefully and serve.


  • Ice cube tray.
  • It comes in 1 piece.
  • 10 ice cubes in one tray.
  • Measure- 0.71×3.31×8.27 inches.
  • Weight- 2.72 ounces.
  • Suitable for freezing.
  • Food safe packaging

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