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Sober and Steady wins the Race

We all have played Buzzwire in our childhood. You touch the wire and the buzzer would be on. It was game that tested our patience and steadiness. Now, we do not need just a Buzzwire, we need an evolved version of it. The Buzzwire Drinking Game is just that.

This game will take you back to your childhood. The game works on the same concept as any Buzzwire, but it has a twist. The game comes in the shape of a man. The player has to take loop from one end to the other without touching the wire(in the form of a man). If the player touches the wire, he/she has to take a shot.

This game is going to be the buzz of the parties that you through. Hours will pass playing this game and no one will get bored. Be it New Year’s party or Diwali Party or even a bachelor’s Party!! This game suits them all. This game takes drinking games to the next level of innovation.

Easy to play and does not require any such preparation also, this game should be a must in all parties.

This game will test your hand eye coordination and your steadiness. If you are not steady then prepare to take a shot. If you want your parties to be the best, your drinking games to be unique and innovative, then why wait and think. Purchase the product now and change the look of the parties.

  • Drinking Games
  • Quirky
  • Unique
  • Multiplayer
  • Requires battery
  • 4 shot glass included
  • Easy to play

How to use:

  • Install batteries.
  • Fill the shot glasses with drinks.
  • Start playing.

How to play:

  • Easy to play.
  • 2-4 players can play.
  • The player has to reach from one end of the wired man to the other without touching the wire.
  • If the player touches the wire then he/she has to take a shot.


  • Package contains 1×Buzzwire Drinking Game.
  • Package includes 4×shot glasses and 1×hooped wand and 1×wired man.
  • 2AAA batteries required; batteries not included.
  • Measures- 30×23×7 cm.


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