Add colors to your table with these adorable multi print tissue dispensers. They come in a set of two, adding quantity with quality in your life. Adding to that it comes with tissue paper in them. Place them in your living room, office or any nook an corner of your can easily carry them in your car as well. These are travel friendly, the portable size makes it an amazing option to carry your tissues along with you.Tissues are important to carry to maintain hygiene of an individual. You do not need to add tissue paper in them, they come with them. You can add your own tissue later on. The print on the boxes makes it even more attractive and adds fun with colors to your life. Make maintaining hygiene much more attractive now with these adorable , cute, print tissue boxes.

Any two available designs will be provided

Product Specification:

Material: Paper
Qty: 50pcs tissue each
Length: 14.5cm
Width: 6.5cm

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