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Time has the secret within

Clock Money Box is the new secret chamber offered to you by the This product serves two purpose. It is a clock and also a small secret chamber. This is the quirkiest product in the clock category that is available in our online store.

It is a wall clock with a secret compartment. You can store your valuables inside the clock. This will keep your valuable stuffs completely safe and sound. The clock is modern in design and can decorate your wall. You can hide jewelry, cash or even credit cards inside the clock. 

Do you want to hide your credit card? Guess what now you can hide it in a place where no one would even imagine that it can be there, the wall clock. Bring home this product and hide your credit card and other valuables inside the secret shelf of the clock and hang the clock just like any other clock. Bingo! You have now successfully hidden your credit card and other valuables.

Thinking of gifting your wife a unique present? The Clock Money Box is the one that you are looking for. Be it your anniversary or your wife’s birthday, this is a perfect gift for her. This is an awesome gift for housewarming. You can gift this to your friends and family in Diwali as well. 

Order this one of a kind product now under Rs.1000/-. Make your purchase now and be a part of the happy customer family.

  • Budget Product
  • Under Rs.1000/-
  • Unique Gifts
  • Gifts for women
  • Wall clock
  • Secret compartment
  • Works on battery
  • Easy to use

How to use:

  • Simple to use.
  • Install battery and start using the clock.
  • Put your valuables inside the compartment.
  • Hang the clock on your wall.


  • Package contains 1× Clock Money Box
  • Works on 2AA battery; does not include battery.
  • 3 Shelves in a 22cm Diameter x 5cm Depth Space,7cm Spacing between sides/spacing.
  • Height- 6.7 cm, Diameter- 24.7 cm.
  • Package dimensions- 10.2×10.2×3 inches.
  • Weight- 1.31 pounds.
  • Colour- Silver, Golden.
  • Material- Plastic.

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