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Extinguish the fire within (GLASSES NOT INCLUDED)

Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker is the quirkiest dispenser that you will ever see. Masterful design and a unique idea made this Globe Drink Dispenser.
This dispenser will be the center of attraction of every party. Just imagine beer coming out from the fire extinguisher!! Your guests will be awestruck and you will be called the quirkiest of them all.

The product is an exact replica of a fire extinguisher, so do not be confused. It looks awesome. The Shaker can hold approximately 2 liter of beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, and definitely water!! To use it, you simply need to pump the handle and once enough pressure builds the drink will come out through the hose.

This is not a product that can only be seen in bars, this is a product that should be at your home. It adds to your fashion and style of living. Just imagine pouring a glass of beer from an extinguisher!! The process itself is vintage and antique.
This New Year’s Party will be your best because you will have something that you never had before- The Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker.

Hurry up and grab the opportunity to make this unique product yours. This is the best dispenser you can ever have in your home. Leave your guests stunned by showing it.So girls don't stay behind, make it a perfect gift for your boyfriend. Make the purchase and be a happy customer.

  • Party
  • Barware
  • Dispenser
  • Made with plastic
  • Capacity- 2 litre
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic plastic
  • Easy to use

How to use:

  • Customer-friendly product.
  • Open the Shaker fill 900ml of your favorite drink.
  • Pump the handle till enough pressure is made.
  • When the pressure is made the drink flows down through the hose.


  • Package contains 1× Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker.
  • Material- polyethylene plastic.
  • Measure- 13.25 × 5 inches.
  • Capacity- 1litre.
  • Weight- 621g.

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