The house of Stark has a very special relation to its powerful and scary wolves. The large and unusual animals are loyal and protective, and many of us GoT fans have dreamt of having a giant wolves of our very own! Now you too can show your appreciation from Ghost, Nymeria and the other wolves in the house of Stark. Propose a toast with an exclusive Game of Thrones tankard or a Game of Thrones wine glass! Both the tankard and the wine glass are decorated by the Stark's motto "Winter is Coming" and a powerful wolf head in silver. The handle on the Game of Thrones tankard is shaped like a sword hilt and looks like it is knotted in place on the tankard. The stem of the wine glass matches the wolf's silver fur, and in a ring around the foot, the motto "Winter is Coming" is repeated. The tankard and the wine glass is made of synthetic resin which is then painted by hand. Both have stainless steel inner cups that are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher - of course, nobody loyal to the king of the North needs to wash his tableware by hand! The Game of Thrones tankard and wine glass are sold separately. This is the ultimate present for any GoT fan thirsting to drinking to the Stark family and their scary wolves!.This is surely best present for all your Game Of Throne Fans. Grab it Now.

Capacity - 550 ml

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