If you want to claim an iron throne, you need an imposing motto and an impressive coat of arms! They should be both threatening and something around which the entire family can unit around. Do you usually walk around hissing "Winter is coming", or is your battle cry "Fire and Blood"?

With this exclusive Game of Thrones tankard, you don't need to choose! Pour up your favourite beer and drink to the five most bellicose noble houses in the seven kingdoms! The tankard is decorated with signets and mottoes of the five noble houses. Therefore, you will find the Stark's wolf emblem combined with Targaryen's powerful dragon and Lannister's rising lion.

The Game of Thrones tankards have handles that are decorated with a gold chain, and the tankard is made of synthetic resin which is then painted by hand. The stainless steel cup is removable and can be washed - he who has power of the iron throne can hardly be expected to wash his tableware by hand.

The Game of Thrones tankard with a signet is the ultimate present for any GoT fan thirsting after the sweet taste of victory! Don't forget to check our some of our other great Game of Thrones items!.This Unique GAME OF THRONES HOUSE STARK MUG Stainless Steel Mug is a perfect gift for all your Game Of Thrones Fan.

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Capacity-600 ML

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