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Wake up and shoot your alarm

You have a meeting at your office and you need to get up early. You set the alarm and go off to sleep. The alarm rings in the morning, you put it on
snooze. This process continues and you turn off the alarm. You suddenly wake up and see the time. Damn! You're late.

Now you will never be late. You will have to wake up and set the alarm off, and the process will take your sleep away. The Gun Alarm Clock is here. As the name suggests you need a gun to turn your alarm off!!!

How on Earth does it work? You have to shoot the bull’s-eye several times to get it to turn off and by the time you turn it off you are completely awake!!
You can also set your own alarm tones and even your own voice as a tone. The Alarm Clock has two modes- two alarm modes and two game modes.

This Gun Alarm Clock is an awesome gift on Diwali and other auspicious occasions. Be it a wedding or an anniversary, this product is perfect for all of
them. Are you thinking to gift something unique but useful? This is it.

You can gift this to your mom and dad, husband or wife and even friends and family. Housewarming parties are a perfect occasion to gift this product. This is the quirkiest alarm Clock in its category. So grab the opportunity and make your purchase now.

  • Unique Gifts
  • Quirkiest
  • Gadgets
  • Clocks
  • Alarm Clock
  • Shoot to turn off
  • IR Gun and Alarm Clock
  • The pistol and Target use IR with a distance up to 2m
  • Requires batteries
  • The base unit is powered by USB
  • Two alarm and two game modes
  • 12- hour time display
  • Record your own tones
  • When the base unit is powered by the USB,
  • display always shows time; when powered by battery it shuts off after a minute and lights up again when the alarm goes off

How to use:

  • The base is powered by USB cord (included) or 4AA batteries (not included).
  • The IR Gun works on 2AA batteries.
  • Set up the alarm clock.
  • Set your alarm.
  • When the alarm rings shoot the bull’s-eye to turn off the alarm.
  • Read the instructions provided in the manual for further details.


  • The package contains 1 × Gun Alarm Clock.
  • Package includes 1× base unit with the target,
  • 1×USB cord, 1×IR Gun and a user manual.
  • Pistol size- 15×12×2 cm.
  • Base size- 14.5×14×4 cm.
  • Weight- 150(Pistol); 285(base unit).

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