LED Moon Night Light Lamp Rattan Ball

The "LED Moon Night Light Lamp Rattan Bal" is one of the elegant and best products available at Quirky Store and is all handmade fiber twine wrapped in winter. It is an ideal piece of decoration for every place like living room, bedroom, study etc and can even glam up the party decorations and is great to spice up your home décor.

 It would create a wonderful cozy environment and can revive your dull side table, study table or table at work. The lamp can even be used to make dates or movie nights even wonderful by the warmth it creates by the pleasant and relaxing appearance. This portable lamp is a perfect gift for friends, partner and family. Hurry up buy yours and get an environment full of piece anytime anywhere.


Shell material: glass
Product size: 27 * 14 * 13cm
Product weight: about 350 grams
Light color: warm white
Can dimming: No
Life: 60000 (H)
Protection level: ip44
Product accessories: high transparent glass (pentagram, ball, apple), rattan ball
Power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included)

Package includes:

1 x LED Moon Night Light Lamp 

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