• SPECIAL DESIGNED - The material is eco-friendly high-quality PVC Flocking, it is soft and healthy, support your upper body in a better position, help you away from stiff neck, sore shoulder, when your face lean on it for resting, you can still watch movie or play game on the cellphone..
  • MULTIUSE AND ADJUSTABLE - This pillow which can be used on airplane, train, bus, car for resting in a long trip or office napping or camping. You can choose different ways to make sure you rest or fall asleep more comfortable. Especially useful as airplane travel accessories for women and men..
  • EASILY INFLATE & DEFLATE - Open the valve cover, and blow it up with a few breathes air by your mouth, which spend about 30 seconds, and then block the valve cover tightly soon to prevent air leakage. Release the air by press the button about 10 seconds..


Deflated size:7 x 5.1 inches

Inflated size: 37 x 35 x 51 cm

Weight: 0.76lb

Colour: Black and Grey

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