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Fuel up your time

Let’s jump back to the golden days of retro Petrol Pumps once again. To bring back old memories and to ring the nostalgic bell the quirkiest clock, Retro Petrol Pump Clock is here and is available in our online store.

Petrol Pump Bunk Retro Clock is a vintage table clock that resembles a retro Petrol Pump from the golden days. It definitely does what all clocks do, but it also adds the flavor of classic to it. Place this extraordinary clock on your table and look how it change the dynamics of a mere table. 

If you want to gift your friend a brilliant clock then you must opt for it. Your friend will love this amazing Retro Petrol Pump Clock. The very fact, that it is retro Petrol Pump and it includes a clock makes it sound crazy. Think how creative it is going to be actually. 

Thinking to gift your wife a unique present? Petrol Pump Bunk Retro Clock is the one that you are looking for. Be it your anniversary or your wife’s birthday, this is a perfect gift for her. This is an awesome gift for housewarming. You can gift this to your friends and family in Diwali as well. If you want to gift something unique to your boss then gift this Retro Petrol Pump Clock and make your boss happy. You can gift Petrol Pump Bunk Retro Clock to your mom and dad and bring a smile on their face. This can turn out to be a perfect New Year gift as well.

Bring home this unique clock that does more than just showing time. So order now and make Petrol Pump Bunk Retro Clock your own for just Rs.1,299/- only and be a part of the happy customer family.

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How to use:

  • Simple to use.
  • Install battery and start using the clock.
  • Place it on the table.


  • Package contains 1 × Petrol Pump Bunk Retro Clock.
  • Works on 2AA battery; does not include battery.

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