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Honestly speaking, we don’t want any one to snap off half the universe. We love to make you all happy by offering you some quirkiest stuff and we don’t want to lose even a single one of you!

Do you like cold hearted Thanos? If yes, then these pins are perfect for you. This range of Thanos Merchandise collection will surely up your fashion game. With these pins, Thanos can now travel with you in style.

Add some charm to your backpack, hoodie, coat, hat or pin them anywhere you can think of!  From Birthdays and Anniversaries to Festivals and Farewell, this is the perfect gift to suit every occasion. Give as a gift to your friends, brothers, sisters, kids or loved ones or buy it for yourself because you deserve something Special, too!


  • Pin Badges
  • Gift for any occasion
  • Merchandise
  • Pocket friendly
  • Multiple uses
  • Safe to use
  • Trending 


  • Pack of 6: Include Retro Thanos logo, Avengers logo, phrases and action shots
  • Dimensions: 1*1 inch (approx.)
  • Durable: Made of alloy, zinc and stainless steel. Strongly built and made to last long. 

What are you waiting for? Add them to your cart and make your loved ones smile 😊

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