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You are the man brings to you the Hip Flask, the ultimate flask for the man. Hip Flask is the quirkiest flask at your exposure.

Not 1, not 2, the Hip Flask can hold up to 3.8l of drink in it, the big question is can you? If you can then grab hold of this Hip Flask and prove it. The Hip Flask has a tap attached to it, which when opened, the drink starts to flow. It has “You’re the man” written on it. All of this makes the Hip Flask an ultimate flask for men.

You can gift this product to your dad or boyfriend on their birthdays and make them feel special. It is a perfect gift for all men. Be it a birthday or anniversary, this can be gifted to your man and make him feel more manly.

You can have all sorts of drinks in the Hip Flask and enjoy drinking from it from time to time. Having a party?? Now you have the perfect flask to pour drinks in the party. Be it New Year’s party, Diwali Party, Anniversary or even a birthday party, this suits them all. It is important to have a good flask in your kitchen and this is more than good flask that you can possess.

It is very easy to wash and it is suggested that you wash it with your hands. After washing let it dry and then store it in a safe place.

For all those who do not drink alcohol, you can store and serve soft drinks from this flask, we will not be judging you. After all, you are man enough to do something different. Bring your friends along and enjoy the party with the soft drinks served from the Hip Flask. 

The cap present on the top helps you refill the flask when empty. The flask is airtight and keeps the flavour of the drink as it is. You will have the same satisfaction every time you pour from the Hip Flask.

Bring home the quirkiest flask  and join our happy customer family.

  • Party
  • Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Gifts for guys
  • Gifts for men
  • Hip Flask
  • Tap provided
  • Air tight

How to use:

  • Fill the Hip Flask from top by removing the cap.
  • After filling close the cap properly.
  • Pour drinks by using the tap.
  • Close the tap when done using.
  • Hand wash recommended.


  • Package contains 1×Hip Flask.
  • Capacity- 3.8l.
  • Safe material used.


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