Music, running, and comfort

No matter what way you try, but your headphones do come out while your running. It’s a fact and it is stranger than fiction. The solution to this problem is the Bluetooth Headband.

The Bluetooth Headband does not fall off when you run. You can use it while working out, running, cardio or just listen to music normally.

You need this for yourself or for your boyfriend/girlfriend. They will love this as a gift on their birthdays. You can even gift this to your mom and dad.

This is a perfect item when you are traveling. People who travel a lot can simply wear this and travel it is that simple. This new product uses technology in a simple way and has multiple utilities. 

This product is a single item comes with a Bluetooth connection. You can connect it to your phones, PSP, DVD player, Laptop, PC, Tablet and TV. The Bluetooth module can be removed. This is freely washable after removing the Bluetooth module.

You just need to connect the headband with your device and that’s it. Enjoy listening to music while doing anything you want. The headband has 3 buttons, a play, a pause button, and two volume buttons.


  • Easy to connect
  • Gift for Boss
  • Gifts for loved ones
  • Gift for guys
  • Cotton material
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery via USB cable
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Comfortable
  • Earphone on both sides of the head
  • Simply wash after removing the Bluetooth module
  • 0 + EDR Bluetooth version
  • Hands-free calling

How to use:

  • Wear the headband
  • Connect it with your device
  • Enjoy the music

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