If you’re in the market for a desk lamp which is sure to impress your guests, and be a spectacle, then the Levitating Desk Lamp is exactly what you require.

The Levitating Desk Lamp has a clean, modern design which perfectly complements any modern furniture setup. It has a unique feature, and that is the levitating light bulb. Making it a perfect addition to your desk, or an ideal holiday present.
The desk lamp has a metallic frame with a wooden base. Meaning the base works beautifully with a light shaded wooden table.

Its base is of a bright, birch like wood which adds a lighter tone to the desk lamp. And goes well with the reflective metal frame. Its wood and metallic accents make it fit well with both natural and industrial furnishings. The base contains a touch switch. Which is to turn the light on or off. And also features a removable power cord to make moving the desk lamp simple. A thing to remember is that the Levitating Desk Lamp supports only the bulb provided with it. This is due to its special design and levitating base. It isn’t a problem as the bulb it comes with is a low power LED unit. And emits a warmer tone of light.

The stainless steel metal frame makes it resistant to corrosion and maintains its shine for a long time. Its levitating bulb may look brilliant as is, but could also be stuck to its base, in case of pets or nosy children.

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