What a great idea! The Wine Bottle Glass is a wine bottle with a glass on top! Ideal for dinner parties, just fill everyone’s Wine Bottle Glass and they’re set for the evening, without you having to run around playing host and offering refills every few minutes.

The bottle part of this novelty glass holds 750 mls of wine. Just pour in your favourite drop and that’s it! Every time you tip it up to take a sip, it pours a measured amount from the bottle base into the glass on top. What a cool idea at parties or to wow your dinner guests!

This unique glass and bottle combination is stylishly crafted, so it’ll fit right in with your dinner decor and your guests will be talking about it all night long! Buy a Wine Bottle Glass for your favourite wine lover; your boss, your wife or that hard-to-please friend with a birthday coming up!

Drinking from the Wine Bottle Glass is so much classier than simply swigging from the bottle or sipping from the bottle with a straw. 

This would be a fantastic gift to give anyone who enjoys a good laugh and loves a good glass (or bottle) of wine now and again.

Material: Glass
Capacity: 750ml
Dimension: 29 X 7.5 cm

PLEASE NOTE: The Caption on the Glass is for Display purposes. The actual product has no caption

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